Where it all ve-gan...

The year is 2017 and two brave souls decided to open up a Vegan bakery, in a time when Veganism was still in its infancy and Vegan desserts at restaurants at best was fruit salad, they thought enough is enough.

The bakery opened, with fears no one would show up, how wrong they were proven, the Vegan community pulled together to welcome the opening of Vegan Antics Bakery in Gravesend, Kent.

It was not long before it became the mission of the co-owner Ash to bring back the joy of his childhood, the sound of that ice cream van pulling up outside his house and indulging in a “99” cone with a flake. The mission of course, was to create a Vegan Soft Serve! It didn’t take long to realise that no one in the UK had such a product on the market, Vegans and allergy sufferers alike could not grow up creating memories of enjoying soft serve ice cream, this gave Ash the fuel for his mission!

Hundreds of hours were spent on researching how it could be done, until one day all that research paid off, he had done it! The bakery made the purchase of a soft serve ice cream machine and introduced the first Vegan soft serve of it’s kind to customers and it went down a treat! 

Ash realised that so much cruelty from the dairy industry could not be tackled with his bakery alone, this product had to get to get out there and replace it’s dairy counter-parts. With his previous web-design knowledge he built vegansoftserve.co.uk in the hope other Vegan establishments would be interested in serving Vegan soft serve too!

It was not long before things started to take off, the bakery couldn’t handle the size of the orders and so a dedicated facility was built just for making the vegan soft serve mix, without paying himself, every sale went back into the business to invest in better equipment so demand can be met with supply. The business has been growing to this day, with continuous product improvement and innovation at the heart of the new founded company, Valor Vegan Foods.

Why Swish Vegan Soft Serve?

There is a lot more to buying our Vegan soft-serve other than the amazing taste! The foundations of this product are built on a conscious effort to end cruelty & suffering towards animals.

Our ice-cream contains No ingredients derived from animal sources & no nasties, there is just no need for it because we recognise the power of plants!

With a growing understanding and adaptability of living a plant-based Vegan lifestyle, its benefits to the health & the well-being of humans, the positive effects on the environment & the sustainability of planets resources there is no reason not to take a leap for mankind.

There is a growing demand for food establishments to offer dietary alternatives, be it due to lifestyle choices or allergies/intolerances. Our Vegan soft-serve ice cream is free-from the main 14 allergens including dairy, eggs, gluten, soy & nuts. Increase your sales & generate new customers with our products.

Ticking any boxes for you?

100% Vegan

Dairy Free

Lactose Free

Gluten Free

Nut Free

Soy Free

Allergen Free


12 +Months Shelf Life

Minimal Waste


Great Texture & Stability

Great Taste

Makes Vegan Shakes

Makes Ice Cream Rolls

Create Vegan Shakes

There is nothing quite like a cold, thick milkshake on a hot summers day…except if its a Vegan milkshake then it’s out of this world!

Add another revenue stream to your business by using our soft serve mix to create Vegan ice cream milkshakes and really stand out from the crowd! We also supply concentrated flavour syrups to create an array of delicious milkshakes.

Get your freak on by offering your customers Freakshakes, this crazy novelty will blow peoples minds and the ideas are endless. Extra thick shakes where anything goes, throw in some brownie chunks, put a doughnut on top, or perhaps a wedge of cake? This is a unique selling point for your business and we can help make it happen.


Yes, our product requires that you have a commercial soft serve machine. It will not work with conventional at-home ice cream machines as it is designed only for the functions that a soft serve machine performs.

When unopened, our soft serve mix can last up to 12 months. This is ideal compared to liquid mixes that offer limited expiry dates or pre-mixed frozen products that require freeze storage, costing you money.

When opened and mixed, you can store it in your soft serve machine hopper or refrigerator for up to a week. Machines that feature self-pasteurisation offer an extended shelf life from 2 weeks + (Please read your machines manual)

We don’t sell or lease machines directly, however we have contact with some of the best brands in the business so just let us know your budget and we will be able to help.

We currently ship to mainland UK and we also ship internationally, due to recent changes is law we may/may not be able to ship to you so please do get in touch prior to ordering so we can let you know.

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